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Proud Family



In 2006 JUNIOR'S LANDSCAPING INC. Was created by Oscar O. Ochoa
Going through a very serious crisis with no money, no job and a beautiful family to support, very difficult days came for my wife (sussy), my son at the time (Ariel) and I,
could not find a way to get money and never in my life obtained dirty or stolen money, so i thought to do something to pull ahead to my family and me and try not to suffer for a meal any more, so I decided to get a borrowed lawn mower and a few tools and start mowing lawns and little by little the business is growing and we are getting better, thank my wife for supporting me at all the times, thanks to my children because they keep me going and not let me give up, my parents that i love them, and of course to all of my customers for keeping me busy with all the work they give us through of all this years.



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